Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Linux Parrot 4.6 Release With KDE Edition

What is Parrot Linux ?

Parrot (formerly Parrot Security OS) is a Debian-based, security-oriented distribution featuring a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy, anonymity and cryptography. The product, developed by Frozenbox, comes with MATE as the default desktop environment.

Parrot Security KDE Edition

When we first added KDE, it was an experiment. We love Mate but we’d heard great things about KDE and decided we could try and support two desktop environments. Because of the work required to change everything from Mate to KDE. We started with KDE Home. The
feedback was immediate, you guys loved it. The recurring request since has been “how do I add the tools”. We heard you and it is finally here! A Security edition featuring the KDE Plasma desktop environment. We now offer both MATE and KDE images for the Home and Security editions.

Minor updates

Better snap support
Now when you install from snap it will show up in the applications menu by default.

AppArmor and Firejail profiles have been updated
We are constantly trying to rebuild the sandbox :) We love firejail and AppArmor and we
hope to achieve a state of near hassle-free setup and use. Sandboxed applications in
Parrot OS are now more stable and reliable than before, and we are pushing forward with
plans to not only add more profiles but utilize firejail’s capabilites to their fullest.

Better OpenVPN support
Setting up your VPN should be painless and quick. Network-manager now integrates all the
available VPN plugins by default, allowing that experience to be just that.

The MATE desktop environment received some minor stability updates, and Firefox 65 is now included.
New additions

Matrix and Riot.IM
We love federated instant messaging protocols! We love XMPP and Matrix for what they bring to the table.
Though we like Dino we realized we wanted something that was sexy, lightweight and worked with XMPP and MTProto. Using Matrix does all of this and more through bridges.
Revolt is a Riot.IM desktop integration written mostly in Python, and shell fits our needs perfectly.

(Riot.IM is a chat client built on the Matrix protocol.)
There are several Matrix clients to pick from and we’re still testing. But as we work to
move our community torward XMPP and Matrix we think it makes sense to have Revolt, you never know when skynet will be activated :)

Reverse Engineering
While we evaluate the inclusion of NSA’s Ghidra, we decided to include Cutter, the powerful GUI to radare2, which is one of the most powerful reverse engineering frameworks out there.
Cutter makes it easier to work with the radare2 framework and pushes Parrot’s reverse engineering capabilities to a new level.

Tool updates
Many tools received important updates since the release of Parrot 4.5. From airgeddon to metasploit up to the latest bettercap version. All the tools are now up to date with their latest versions.

Download (SHA512, signature, pkglist):  

Parrot-security-4.6_amd64.iso (3,814MB, torrent)
Parrot-kde-security-4.6_amd64.iso (3,829MB, torrent)
Parrot-home-4.6_amd64.iso (1,747MB, torrent)
Parrot-kde-4.6_amd64.iso (1,834MB, torrent).
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