Tuesday, March 24, 2020

AryaLinux 2.4, Built from Linux From Scratch (LFS) - Try it !

AryaLinux is built from source code of packages, libraries and applications that is publicly available over the internet. This limits the numbers of applications that can be installed on AryaLinux, because there are still a lot of applications out there which are not open source and since AryaLinux does not have support for Wine, Windows applications are out of question. Being built from source however brings in other advantages - you get a vanilla system that has not been modified or patched by us. In case you build AryaLinux in your own system from ground up, you end up getting the most compatible Linux system because its built on your system itself compared to downloading and installing AryaLinux. There are downsides as well to being built from source.

AryaLinux 2.4 released. Listed below are some of the changes that have made it to this release of AryaLinux

Apart from package updates and upgrades, there are several things that make this release different from our other releases.

  • Kernel updated to version 5.5.8, subsequent update in the aufs kernel patches.
  • Introducing in this release is alpsui - a synaptic-like User Interface to alps. alps ui is undergoing a lot of development and bug fixes at present. Please report problems to help us improve alpsui.
  • Gnome 3.36 which was released a few days earlier. AryaLinux is one of the very first distributions to make a Gnome 3.36 release.
  • Libreoffice updated to
  • Much improved Indian language font support.
  • A improvement in support of applications which need kernel headers like VMWare, VirtualBox, NVidia drivers etc, by providing the compiled kernel source directory with the release.
  • Although we could not still achieve upradability and updatability in this release, we are very much in the path to getting updates and upgrades implemented so that AryaLinux ends up being a rolling release distro.

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